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The H1R made the front page.....

Last time I promised another post on "Esso" and his racing career. Well, That´s going to have to wait a while...

Guess what was in the mail a couple of days ago?

The magazine, "Classic Bike", where my H1R is featured. This rare find has really got quite a few people excited! It even made the front page....The article totally covers 10 (!) pages and looks great! I strongly recommend everyone here in sweden (or if you can get the magazine abroad) to buy one. And I´m also very happy Irene, "Esso´s" wife, is in the pictures and not me.

The cover.

Remember the photoshoot we did a while back with all the dust still on the bike? The photographer, Ola Österling, gave me a few of his pictures (in low resolution) for use on my social media and this blog. Here are some of them:

I think this is my favourite... You can see all the dust and the grime. "Esso´s" helmet on the seat. It looks just like it has been sitting in a barn for 40+ years!

This one is also great. The "cockpit", if you like. You can see how tight the fairing fits around the engine. Not much space left....

Here´s a nice view of the front brake. Still hay and grass on it. Good tread on the tires! This brake will be an absolute treat to clean up and restore....

The left side of the engine. Please note the extra aluminium spacer between the ignition cover and the engine cases. That´s where the Kröber is fitted on the inside. The fact that "Esso" had to use that spacer made the engine fit badly inside the fairing so he had to alter the iginition cover. You can see it has actually been cut in two parts and then joined together again, making it just a tad slimmer...

In this picture we can see the dry clutch, the oil pump and the right cylinder plus head. Note that the oil pump doesn´t have a throttle cable! It delivers oil depending only on different RPM:s not the opening of the throttle cable... That makes the fact that you also need to use pemix in the tank make sense!

And here´s a nice picture of the exhaust system with its peculiar "cross-over" design. later models, H1R-A and H1R-W didn´t have this feature. I think it looks real cool. I actually have a modern variant of these pipes in stock for my next H2 build with extremely ported and reed converted engine (by Ebbe, of course...). I might start another blog here when that project starts.

I think this is a nice example of design versus function. No extra, just what you need. A throttle grip and a front brake lever. See the big adjustment wheel?  I believe that was used to tighten up the cable more and more as the brake weakend due to heat building up. I may be wrong, but it looks like it could be used while driving with only that small tinplate holding the adjustment.

Here´s the seat... I´m going to try to save this old seat cover. I really hope I´ll be able to. It´s easy to make a copy, but that doesn´t have the same feeling to it, does it? I think these parts are really beautiful in their simplicity. Function is most important!

This is the rear wheel and the left shock absorber. Also the rear brake is larger than the street bikes have. It is also ventilated as you can see here. I wonder if it did much good? The rear sprocket ( and the engine one as well...) was changed for every training and race. There was a lot of experimenting with different ratios to maximize the engine´s perfomance. more about that later....

The last one for now. Here you can see how high in the frame the engine was mounted. Consider that and 22 liters of fuel in the tank and you have a rather top-heavy racer....
The H1R wsn´t known to be an easy ride, but when it ran, it ran like hell!

I would once again thank Ola Österling SO MUCH for these wonderful pictures and also to be able to share them with you.

Anyways... I´m back in town after 3 weeks of vacation and also a couple of jobtrips. It´s been rather quiet in the blog but be patient, more will come!

Thanks for reading!


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