fredag 18 maj 2018

Looking for parts. Worldwide and at home and finding another H2....

I´m still having problems motivating myself to work on the bike. I sure do have enough to do on it. It´s not that. I have plenty of stuff to go through and fix. Most of those small projects within the project don´t even need new parts, just man hours. Well, at least last week saw some action in the garage! Not much, but some...

As you can see here I´m working only on the ignition part of the bike right now. I´m still trying to find all the small bits and pieces missing here and there. This is the only place I have to store the large fairing in a safe place. Lots of padding on the seat and tank and here it can rest safely.

The ignition is coming together slowly bit by bit. Here I have gathered the parts I have found so far. As I have mentioned before I decided to go the easier H1B-route for now, concerning the ignition. Lots of NOS stuff here... The three H1B ignition coils, for instance. Brand new and hopefully usable together with all the other H1B parts here.

Since I have been unable to locate the correct H1R ( 21103-004) points timing cam, I´m going H1B (21103-005) also here. One NOS on the left in the picture and one used in the middle. To the right is the correct timing cam plate. Used on both H1R and H1B.

I have also located a NOS early H1 ignition cover. I think the original on the H1R was left with its  raw aluminium surface. This one is painted silver, the only difference. I can live with that. Easy to fix when you feel the need to. The rotor is also a common part (21007-016). I found a NOS one at a reasonable price on eBay a year ago. As I said, finding parts is the hard thing, here. When something shows up, BUY!

And the stator I worked on in my last post. I still like the look of it!

Here´s another gem. 21071-004, Regulator. Common part between the H1R and the H1B. Behind it is the used rectifier I have located so far. If a NOS one shows up I might buy it! This regulator is actually not only NOS (New Old Stock) but also NIB (New In Box)... You need to keep up with the lingo when you´re surfing the net for parts...

Not all purchases are a success, though. I ordered 5 of these Woodruff keys thinking they would be correct for the H1R. Not so. I had to go back to the parts lists and try to figure this one out. More about that later on!

Gathering stuff and searching for that illusive little part over the net and via contacts is fun, but hands-on-working is really what is the most interesting part of this hobby. I´ll soon be needing to start working on the fairing and the fasteners on it. These are the original ones from the bike plus a few extra from "Tullar´n", the guy that repaired Janne´s and my fairing sets. They are called "Dzus" fasteners and was actually invented in the thirties by an american engineer of Ukrainian descent , William Dzus.

I knew so little about these things I had to google it... Here´s the actual patent from 1934. Really cool to see the stuff seems to be exactly the same in 1970 as in 1934. The principle is simple. The fastener is locked in place by pushing the two surfaces you want to join together. The small "Dzus" screw is pushed in to "catch" the wire part and is then turned 90 degress to lock them together. The tension in the wire keeps the screw from turning loose even during high vibrations. These are most commonly used in aircraft applications but also here, in racing.

OK, back to my fasteners. I was planning on getting a batch of new ones (they are readily available in many sizes...) but figured I could try and clean them up a bit. The part about not over restoring, remember? These had been painted at some point and had a little surface rust here and there. I counted the holes in the fairings and came up with a need of totally 9 sets. The parts list says 11... I believe it has to do with the number of fasteners on the bottom fairing. Mine has only 3 per side and pictures from other bikes show they have 4. This is something I´ll have to look into more later on. I´m thinking someone, "Esso" or Björn, cut the fairing at the rear part to accommodate big feet. Remains to be seen!

Well, nothing to lose... Just get on with it. 
The first one done. That works for me! I prefer something with a bit of a story to tell compared to brand new stuff. This is not the last time I´ll use old, slightly tarnished parts instead of new ones.
During cleaning these, I came up with a plan to rezink them. That could have worked on the wire loops, but the actual Dzus screws are chrome. As good a clean as I could do would have to be enough.
It took a couple of hours... They are not in pristine, as new condition but they will fit my bike perfectly! 

When "Esso" won the Swedish Grand Prix, July 1970, he had already raced it 4 times and Kjell Bogren entered the very first race in May 1970 at Falkenberg with it. That makes 5 races before the race I intend to duplicate its looks from. That gives me a lot of leeway when it comes to condition of things!

Sometimes it´s better to ask locally before buying things on a whim over the internet. I asked Ebbe about the Woodruff keys on H1 and H2:s. 

"The H1:s and the H2:s both use 3x4,9x14 mm woodruff keyes in that location. I can send one to you, free of charge!"

Thanks, that´s the one to the right here. One less thing to worry about!

A couple of days later when I was rummaging through all my boxes and drawers searching for something else, I stumbled across these babies... Yeah, of course, the small 3mm woodruff key together with its larger 5mm cousin and a sprocket lock nut. These are some extra parts supplied, free of charge, by "Patrick Bras" of France when I ordered a larger quantity of H2 parts a while ago. See? I always do that! Ok, now I have at least two 3 mm keys and six 5mm ones. Not counting the ones I have, but haven´t located... yet. AAHHRRGG!!

So, here we are at present. The ignition is more or less complete and can go on the bike any year now...

Another H2 was mentioned in the headline of this post. Well, Someone made me an offer I couldn´t refuse. An H2A 1973 that has been sitting for 15-20 years. The last owner had the body repainted , bought new exhausts, wiring loom, decals etc, etc. I won´t write about it here, in this blog, but now you know why I´m distracted from working on the H1R instead. I told you I wouldn´t start on one of my other two H2:s... That´s sort of true since I got me another one!

The plan here is to put the engine back in the frame and mount as many parts as possible on to the bike to make it easier to store. When I bought it everything was in bits. During the first day of fettling with it I had the seat mounted, rear light and fastback with all its internal parts in place and cleaned up the fuel tank, sidecovers front fender and mounted that.... Today i fixed the front brake master cylinder that wasn´t working properly. Next is the engine.. We´ll see if I can stay away from putting on an exhaust system, clean the carbs and start it up... I´ll let you know!

Thanks for reading and keep driving safe out there.


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