lördag 4 juni 2016

Tracing another H1R.

As I mentioned in the last post, 2 H1R:s were sold by Flöter in 1972. One was bought by "Esso" Gunnarsson and the other one by Sture Wass. I now know for sure they were both H1R-A:s.

"Esso´s" bike had VIN# KAF9011X, Engine# KAE9012X.
Sture Wass´s bike has VIN# KAF9011X, Engine# KAE9011X

As you can se these numbers are all very close to each other, so are the numbers for the bikes sold in 1970. Since I know where the two earlier bikes are today (mine, "Esso´s", and Per-Åke Dahl´s) I figured I should try and find the third (Wass´s bike). When it comes to "Esso´s" H1R-A investigations are ongoing...

Yesterday I set out to find one of the missing H1R:s! (As it turned out it wasn´t that missing....)

Thanks to the internet, the search didn´t take long. On a discussion forum back in 2007 I found a little note that someone had bought the bike from Sture Wass in 1975 and still owned it! I couldn´t contact the person directly, but I gambled via the forums message function and sent him a mail. Believe it or not... I got an answer yesterday evening from the owner! Anders Jonsson lives about 400 kms from Stockholm and is currently restoring the bike.

There you go! Another friend in the vintage motorcycle business.

Here´s a picture of his bike:

Anders Jonsson´s H1R-A!

You can see the straight exhaust pipes and the three CDI-boxes up front. This engine is also approx 6 HP stronger than the old H1R.... We´ll stay in touch and exchange experiences during our respective restorations. Or rather, I´ll ask the questions being a beginner.... Thank you, Anders for the picture!

The next post will be about the person, S-O Gunnarsson, or "Esso" as he was known as.

Stay tuned!

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